Last Monday, I launched a series called PR Tools and touched upon several tools I thought were great for our day to day media monitoring, so today’s post is dedicated to the social media professionals/community managers. Would it help if you could monitor your Facebook page, Twitter…



I thought this would be a good article to share, as beauty publicists often use words like “revolutionary” or “dramatic” for, well, added drama… Apparently, those buzz words are buzz kills, per the following article from PR Daily:

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Women In PR Talk Radio: I Want To Work In Fashion PR


This past week, “Women in PR” held a radio broadcast discussing how to break into fashion PR. They answered some common questions: "How should I get into the fashion industry", "Are unpaid internships worth it?", "Can I get into fashion PR without moving to NYC?". 

A few great takeaways from the broadcast:

1. You don’t have to move to NYC to break into fashion, but you really, REALLY should.

2. Internships are crucial for your post-graduation job search, because experience is everything.

3. With fashion PR positions becoming more competitive, you really have to sell yourself as if you are a brand. Well, in a sense you truly are. When you go after a job, understand that you will have to “pitch” yourself as the best candidate and stand out from the rest.

4. Volunteering for the upcoming Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week may not be a bad idea. :)

Take a listen to the broadcast, and hopefully you’ll find some insight in it, as well! (P.S. There’s some confusion in the beginning, so skip to 22:30.)

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